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We provide speech writing services tailored to your tone, environment, and purpose, whether political, memorial, valedictory, motivational, or social.

Crafting Captivating and Convincing Speeches for Every Event

Do you want to make a lasting impression on your audience? Worry no more! Our talented speech writers are ready and willing to help create an engaging, memorable presentation that will leave your listeners in awe.

No matter if it’s addressing the whole company or speaking at a school rally – our experienced professionals can compose persuasive speeches for any occasion. In fact, they’ve already written influential pieces of work for individuals like members of congress, mayors, celebrities, Nobel Prize winners, CEOs, and many others! So why not entrust us with making sure your next talk is as successful as possible?

Crafting a standout speech that enthralls your audience is not an easy task. Our custom speech writing services help to alleviate the load and make sure you’re able to deliver exactly what you need.

We listen intently, understanding your needs and voice, before utilizing our writers’ expertise in persuasive writing to create a memorable address tailored specifically for you.


Our speech writing services stand out from the rest online because of our commitment to personalization. Our project managers take time to fully comprehend your purpose, audience demographic, speaking style, and surroundings before crafting a custom-written speech that is sure to captivate any listener.

We even specialize in dreamy wedding speeches! For superior service with an individualized touch for your unique needs, contact us today for all types of tailored-made speech writing services.

Our Process

When you opt for our speech writing services, you can rest assured that the following will be included in your package:
01. Creating a project scope
The key to success is establishing a definite project scope for your book that our team can comprehend. This outline will act as an essential tool in guiding the writing process of our squad.
02. Chapter-wise writing
As we embark on the ghostwriting process, we provide chapter-wise deliveries to guarantee that you give your valuable feedback for every phase of each chapter before moving forward.
03. Niche Research
To develop a deep understanding of your niche, it is important to conduct in-depth research about the industry, company, target audiences, and markets as well as any other untapped opportunities.
04. Style & Tone
A full analysis of competitors’ content allows us to replicate and diverge from certain styles and tones, yielding the most success.
05. Proofreading and formatting
When the book is finished, our ace proofreaders examine it thoroughly to make sure your content satisfies all criteria prior to handing it over to the formatting team so you can get your book prepped for publication!
06. Publishing
With your approval and our careful review of the final file, it is finally time to publish onto desired platforms—Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, etc.—and make some money!

Why do You Need Our Professional Speech Writing Services?

To remain distinguished amongst the ocean of Speech writing services, our mission is clear: provide unprecedented results that leave all other solutions in the dust. We are passionate about exceeding expectations and delivering top-notch quality every time.
Top Quality Content
Crafting words that emotionally connect with, communicate to, and persuade your desired demographic will be instrumental in getting the results you desire.
Accuracy & Grammar
Create compelling, grammatically sound content using active voice. Structure and format your content with precision to maximize its potential for persuasion.
Fast Turnaround
Get it done now, and get the job finished on time! We’ll make sure that whatever you need today is delivered to you swiftly so your deadlines are always met.
Optimization & Beyond
We’ll ensure that no matter what platform you utilize, your content reaches the right audience with optimization and techniques to boost its search engine visibility.
On-time Delivery
We are proud to offer the most sophisticated time management system, granting us an unparalleled ability to deliver on time.
100% Satisfaction
We highly regard each and every one of our customers, striving to ensure their satisfaction with both the final product as well as our services.



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Speechwriters play an integral role in crafting persuasive, impactful speeches for their clients. They are responsible for researching topics, writing drafts and revisions of speeches, conducting interviews with sources to gain insight into specific subjects being addressed, revising documents and proofreading content prior to delivery. Speechwriters require excellent creative writing skills as well as exceptional research abilities in order to create compelling and engaging presentations that capture audiences’ attention while conveying powerful messages.

Indeed, all kinds of written content have a particular format that they should follow. The basics of an academic speech include the introduction, body and conclusion sections. However, when it comes to special occasion speeches there is more flexibility as these can be crafted in such a way that captivates your audience through storytelling. An experienced speechwriter has the knowledge required for creating impactful presentations according to each specific purpose or requirement at hand!

It is easy to understand why an accomplished speechwriter may charge significantly more than a newcomer. Many services calculate prices based on their expertise, speed of delivery, and impressive client portfolio. Generally speaking, the rate for this service ranges from $50-$100 per hour – although it can skyrocket depending on the type and length of your project demands. After all, crafting a noteworthy speech takes not only wordsmithing techniques but also meticulous research into the topic at hand!

The time required to compose a speech drastically varies based on the type of address you require, as well as its length and complexity. The process can involve planning, client interviews, revisions and more – potentially taking anywhere from several days to weeks! Clients’ subsequent requests for alterations also affects how long it will take for the project to be completed successfully.


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