PR Publishing

The world runs on word of mouth – stories and conversations shared through digital, social media, broadcast channels, print publications and influencers; passed along by workmates, family members or friends.

Crafting a persuasive story is the foundation of powerful PR.

PR, public relations, is focused on the strategic process of communicating with audiences to build, enhance or protect a company’s reputation.

An integral part of business strategy, PR’s function is to communicate key messages that influence opinion, change behavior and help audiences foster a positive mindset about your business. Many organizations outsource their PR campaign and media relations to an agency like ours for extra support.

Every organization has to communicate at some point. For companies, that includes communicating with audiences both inside and outside the organization – from employees and potential employees to customers, suppliers, investors, and regulators.
So, a strategic and deliberate approach to PR that develops better relationships between your business and your audiences will pay dividends in protecting your brand reputation online, offline, and everywhere in between.


We at Authors Book Publisher provide PR publishing services, which include writing press releases, gaining media coverage, managing online communications, and creating campaigns that engage your target audiences. Our PR services can help you:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Develop relationships with stakeholders
  • Protect the reputation of your organization
  • Improve customer experience
  • Create more profitable customer relationships
  • Increase sales

Our Process

By collaborating closely with your PR and marketing squad, we are certain that together, we can formulate a strategy and action plan to guarantee you reach your desired communication objectives.

01. Earned Media Relations

We leverage our relationships with key media contacts, helping you secure stories in top-tier publications that reach your target audience.

02. Corporate Communications

We create and execute strategies to build, protect, and enhance your company’s reputation with multiple stakeholders.

03. Personal Brand

We offer comprehensive services to help individuals establish and maintain a personal brand that will boost their career success.

04. Thought Leadership

We’ll position you as an industry thought leader and secure speaking engagements at key conferences, panels, and events.

05. Issues & PR Crisis Management

When faced with a PR crisis, we’ll help you navigate the situation and deliver a response that keeps your reputation intact.

06. Influencer Marketing

We develop creative and innovative campaigns that leverage influencers to reach your target audience in an authentic way.

Choose the Right PR Solution for Your Business!

As your PR and Communications ally, we are here to support you with any project. Whether it’s collaborating alongside your team or taking the lead independently – let us help make sure that each step of the way is a success.

Digital PR

Digital PR is the process of using digital channels to gain media exposure and build relationships with potential customers. We create content, engage influencers and use online tools to spread the word about your brand.


We provide the important aspect of digital marketing and can help to raise brand awareness and increase engagement with potential customers.

Communications Strategy

We also create a comprehensive communications strategy to ensure your message is heard.

Media Training

We also offer media training services to ensure your team is well-prepared for any media inquiry.



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Digital PR is the combination of public relations, content marketing, social media, and SEO to create a stronger online presence for your business. It’s an effective plan that drives more sales, website traffic, and brand awareness while also increasing backlinks (which are necessary for SEO). Every Digital PR strategy supplies quantifiable results so you can rest assured it’s working hard to further your company.

To thrive in this digital age, Digital PR is essential for companies and individuals alike. This type of public relations involves developing web strategies, SEOs, and social media accounts; creating videos and forming relationships with influencers to garner online reviews – all methods that displace the traditional way of doing PR such as manual outreach for magazine or newspaper features.

If you’re a law firm, doctor’s office, dental office, restaurant, or any other type of business owner and don’t have Digital PR incorporated into your marketing strategy, it can be difficult for you to reach or exceed your goals. Digital PR makes sure that those who are looking for information about you, your brand, and/or your business find positive reports about what’s being said online. Investing in the right digital PR tactics will help ensure people get accurate details when they search on their own – resulting in more customers trusting what they see as well as converting them into paying clients!


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