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At Authors Book Publisher, every book is edited to meet the specific needs of our clients through our professional book editing service.

Scrutinizing Every Word & Line With Precision

At Authors Book Publisher, we understand that feeling anxious about your content is normal. You want a professional finish, and we are here to help you out. We provide the most professional ebook editing services at highly affordable rates and pricing. Our competent team of editors scrutinizes every single corner and looks for possible errors and mistakes.

We pour ourselves into ensuring each document is perfect, scouring for any and all errors before increasing the content’s overall appeal. We always begin with market research to understand our target readers’ needs and then evaluate the quality of given content. We never miss a detail or opportunity in creating exceptional content because we devote our time wholeheartedly.

Our Editing Services Traits:

We keep quality as our top priority and offer a broad range of services to our customers. No matter how cluttered or flawed your content may be, we have an expert online book editor to identify the mistakes and fix them to generate promising outcomes.

We don’t just stop at catching grammatical errors and restructuring sentences– we go above and beyond to provide expert assistance in multiple areas of editing. At our company, we have the tools to help us identify plagiarism issues too. Furthermore, we’re confident in our policies and procedures because everything is transparent. Your information is always kept confidential and the content quality is scrutinized professionally to produce outstanding results every time.


Editorial assessment is the first stage of our professional editing process in which we read through your entire book draft and offer feedback on the plot, structure, characterization, dialogue, and consistency. This is different from a comprehensive edit because authors are expected to fix any errors themselves after receiving an editorial assessment. Following are the two editing features we provide:

  • Proofreading

  • Developmental Editing

Our Process

At Authors Book Publisher, we only hire the best of the best. All our online book editor are creative professionals with years of experience under their belts. Plus, they know how to follow editorial guidelines to produce high-quality content every time.

01. Assess The Tone

Read the book thoroughly to get a sense of the author’s voice and writing style.

02. Line-by-Line Edit

Make any necessary changes to the grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

03. Suggestions For Improvement

Suggest revisions to improve the clarity and flow of the text.

04. Correct Inconsistencies

Check for consistency in terms of tone and style throughout the book.

05. Errors & Rectifications

Identify any areas that need further development or clarification.

06. Critical Review

Provide feedback on the overall structure and organization of the book.

Complete Peace of Mind - That's What Our eBook Editing Services Provide.

Rest assured that you will have the best experience possible with our book editing services. The company prioritizes the following areas for dead-cert success.

Decennium of Experience

The professionals who edit EBooks have an immense amount of experience and are unmatched in terms of their skills.

Native Staff

Having a team of natives guarantees that our output will meet the language standards of the readers in the US.

Double Quick Turnaround

Once you hire an online editor for the service, the experts will immediately start going through the content.

Flexible With The Platform

For book editing service, we have specialists who are familiar with the requirements of different platforms, whether it be Amazon or any other.

You Get an Error-Free Draft

No more frustrating inconsistencies for the reader, which would damage your reputation as a business.

Affordable EBook Editing

Our clients’ budgets are always top-of-mind for us, so we offer pocket-friendly services without skimping on quality.



Everything you need to know about the project and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat with our friendly team

Different book editing services will have different rates, depending on the level of depth required: copy editing, line editing, or development editing. The more comprehensive the edit, the longer it will take and thus be more expensive. However, with our service when you hire book editor you know exactly how much you’ll pay before we start–all pricing is easy to find and upfront. For more information please reach out to us.

In the current publishing market, it’s more important than ever to get your book professionally edited. Readers are much less likely to engage with a manuscript that is full of errors, and good reviews and sales often follow suit.

We accept only Word files in .docx or .doc formats. Share PDF or ODT formats only if you’re asked to provide an acceptable format. By adhering to this guideline, the changes made through our editing process will be accurately represented when you download your file again.

We understand that the publishing process can be intimating, especially for first-time writers. Which is why we offer support and advice for traditional, hybrid, and eBooks. Our ghostwriting packages come with free original content consultations or book suggestions. This marketing tool will promote your book to literary agencies and publishers – making it easier on you! Don’t worry about finding a reputable writing agent – we’ll provide you with a list of suitable agents that fit your type so all you have to do is send questions or suggestions!


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