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Join the hundreds of happy authors that have used Authors Book Publisher’s book marketing services to get their books published. Our competitively priced packages include everything from book formatting, editing, and covers; to website building with product descriptions and press releases; plus social media campaigns for eBook marketing.

No matter which package you choose, rest assured knowing your promotional needs will be met quickly and affordably without sacrificing quality!

  • Book review
  • Author interviews
  • Authors website
  • Amazon book marketing
  • Social Media promotion
  • Social media setup
  • Google/ Facebook/ Instagram/ YouTube and more

Our Process

When you opt for our book marketing services, you can rest assured that the following will be included in your package:
01. Choose your service
Get ready to receive your welcome email and questionnaire within the next 24 hours!
02. Tell us about yourself
Take a few moments to complete our survey and tell us what your publishing objectives are – we can’t wait to hear from you!
03. Speak with your expert
Unwind for just an hour and discover how to build your book’s marketing plan through a training call with one of our expert advisors.
04. You're good to go
By the end of this program, you’ll be armed with both a strategic plan and resources to increase your book sales and ultimately boost your confidence!

Why do You Need Our Professional Book Marketing Services?

To remain distinguished amongst the ocean of book marketing services, our mission is clear: provide unprecedented results that leave all other solutions in the dust. We are passionate about exceeding expectations and delivering top-notch quality every time.
Target Audience and Campaign Planning
To best reach our desired customers, we must create a comprehensive campaign plan that outlines who they are and how to effectively communicate with them.
Increase Your Visibility and Grow Your Audience with Social Media
Developing your author’s platform is essential in order to attract potential readers and the media. If people want to find out about you or your work nowadays they will expect it to be easily accessible online.
Marketing/Press Materials and Media Pitches
Our expert marketers will assist you in crafting the most captivating press releases as well as help craft both long and short versions of your author bio.
Interviews and Event Appearances
Your book can thrive with visibility through interviews on podcasts, TV, and radio, publications in both print and online newspapers, magazines, and news sites.
100% Satisfaction
We highly regard each and every one of our customers, striving to ensure their satisfaction with both the final product as well as our services.



Everything you need to know about the project and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat with our friendly team
A. If you want your book to be a success, then planning and executing an effective marketing campaign is essential. Through advertising and creating awareness of your book amongst vendors, readers, and customers alike, the potential for maximizing sales increases significantly. Book marketing consists of various phases that must be completed with accuracy in order to achieve optimal results – this should always remain at the forefront when embarking on this journey!
A. To generate anticipation for your book, begin marketing it at least six months prior to its release. Social media is an excellent place to start; however, even if the book has already been published there are still creative ways you can market it! Develop a plan that considers who your target audience will be and strategize accordingly. Gather attention quickly by utilizing these tactics in order to make sure readers know about your awesome new work!
When it comes to your book marketing plan, you need the perfect combination of budget and methods that will make sure you reach out to those who matter. If however, this feels too intimidating or if you don’t have enough time on hand, our team of professional book marketers is here to assist in order to help realize the true potential of your publication.
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