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At Authors Book Publisher, we come up with the best book cover design services that captivate audiences and turn them into buyers!

We Create Designs That Sell

Our book cover design service is unrivaled, proving time and again to supply game-changing designs that resulted in a significant uptick in sales.

Our customers purchasing our professional book cover design services have reported that roughly half of their buyers were interested solely because of the sophisticated and eye-catching cover designs we provide, which accurately reflect the genre of the book. Never underestimate the importance of first impressions- in this case, audience members judge a book by its cover!

We pride ourselves in being masters of design strategies- particularly those sure to sell. By giving potential customers a glimpse into the book’s contents, we skillfully piqued their curiosity and convinced them they needed to buy it. This teaser technique has succeeded and got us labeled among the best book cover design online services. Make the right decision by hiring us so your business can reach new heights!

Our Process

With a strict writer selection process, Authors Book Publisher only employs the most creative and experienced professionals. This ensures that every piece of content we produce meets high editorial standards.

01. Select the right book cover designer

It is imperative that you find an experienced book cover designer when creating your novel’s exterior. This individual should also grasp your target readership and the overall genre.

02. Discuss your ideas with the designer

We will work with you to develop a concept that fits your book and then create a mock-up for you to approve.

03. Provide the designer with all necessary information

Not only will you talk about your ideas, but you must also give the designer any text or other materials to add to the cover. This includes your book’s title, author name, and extra text or images.

04. Review proofs and make changes as needed

Review the cover designer’s proof carefully, making any changes you feel are necessary. Be sure to ask questions about anything on the cover you’re unsure of so that expectations are met on both ends.

05. Approve the final design

After you approve the final design, the designer will create a high-resolution cover for printing purposes.

06. Enjoy your new book cover!

We will also provide a high-resolution file so you can use it however you like!

We Offer Stunning Book Cover Designs

Even though we can go on and on about how great our illustrations are, they show for themselves.

What We Offer

Seeing someone reading your book is a fantastic feeling. You hope they love it as much as you do, and our book cover designers can help you make sure of that first impression. Let us help you represent your ebook cover design in the best light possible!

Personalized Book Cover Designs

We refuse to cut corners at Authors Book Publisher-only professional book builders work here so you can be guaranteed a quality product.

Book Cover Design Cost

There are countless types of books that you can write, and our consultants will help you figure out what kind of book best suits your needs.

Designs for Every Platform

If you’re in the market for any book- business or personal memoir included- our professionals have covered you with precision and complexity.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction Rate

Don’t worry about plagiarism when preparing your book for publication – all the content will be 100% unique.

Intersection of Expertise and Advancements

We pride ourselves on being a team you can trust to help you write your book without taking any credit for the final product.

Books Stand Out on Shelves

With an alluring book cover design from us, your book will stand out on the shelf and gain more attention than the others.



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Although we are not the cheapest book cover design service, we are significantly cheaper than other services in the town. Our affordable prices allow small-scale authors to acquire professional support without breaking their budgets. Consequently, you can enjoy high-quality services at a fraction of the cost.

If you need immediate professional assistance without spending too much, our urgent delivery team is dedicated to helping you. You can be confident that you will be happy with the service.

The designers on our team are experienced and knowledgeable in all things creative. We only work with the best of the best, rigorously testing each guru before they join us. That said, we are confident that we have put together the most talented group of designers.

We can guarantee you confidentiality and security- your information will be safe with us. No employee will have access, and your pin and bank details are protected. You don’t have to worry about a thing!

If that were the case, designers would review your brief, understand what you need from them, and send back a revised design. They offer free revisions until the buyer is content with the service, so even if you don’t like their original design idea proposal, know that your money is still protected.


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