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Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular as the world becomes busier and people have less time to read. They offer a new way to enjoy books without having to carry around physical copies, and there are multiple audiobook narration services available online. However, authors need to be careful when choosing who they want to produce their audiobook, as not all companies are created equal.

At Authors Book Publisher, we know that not every author is the same. That’s why we offer audiobook narration services that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for someone to simply narrate your book or you’re in need of a full package including cover artwork, our team of talented narrated will work with you closely to make sure we perfectly capture the essence of your story.

Our post-production team deals with technical problems such as editing, noise removal, and volume regulation so that you don’t have to. Plus, our design professionals can make a one-of-a-kind cover for your audiobook. Here at Authors Book Publisher, we use only the most skilled male and female audiobook narrators in the industry who know how to pay attention to detail when it comes to author narration and dialogue.

Our Process

At Authors Book Publisher, we understand that your audiobook is unique and deserves professional production quality and attention. Our experienced team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your vision is brought to life.

01. Determine the length of the book

We determine the book’s length. Depending on the needs of the author, this could take anywhere from one to three weeks.

02. Get Scripts Ready

We go through your manuscript and prepare scripts for narration. We also assign chapters to different narrators if needed.

03. Recording Process

The narrators record each chapter independently in their own voice-over studio.

04. Editing

Our post-production team edits and masters the audio for the best possible sound quality.

05. Cover Design

Our design team creates a unique cover specifically tailored to your audiobook’s title and genre.

06. Delivery of Final Audio Book File

We deliver the final audiobook file to the author in any format they need, including MP3, WAV and more.

What We Offer

We provide our clients with a comprehensive service for audiobook production that covers every step of the process, from start to finish. Our services include:

Trusted Services

At Authors Book Publisher, we’re all about delivering quality stories. So you know your book will be in safe hands with proven writing, publishing, and marketing systems in place.

Experienced Team of Ghostwriters

To ensure that we’re able to provide you with high-quality book writing, we have expert book writers who come up with unique ideas for your book to stand out in the crowd

24/7 Customer Assistance

If you are unhappy with your final draft, we will work with you until we agree on what needs to be changed. On the other hand, we are here for you if you need more time to finish or want our professional opinion on certain aspects of your fiction book.

Money-back Guarantee

We make sure you get professional book audio recorders who can deliver high-quality books. Our book writers are experienced in working with every genre.



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The cost of hiring narrators for your audiobook at Authors Book Publisher varies depending on the length of your book, the project’s timeline, and any special requests you may have (such as different audiobook actors for different characters). Contact our customer service representatives right away to receive a no-cost estimate tailored to your needs.

Think of your audiobook as a different version of your book. In addition, this adaptation would necessitate a similar cover, just as each newly published version has a distinctive cover to distinguish itself from the previous version. New artwork for audiobook platforms can be created for you by our creative design teams. Users will also be able to see the design when they play it on smartphones and tablets. At your end, we’re all about making a good impression.

Technically, you can, yes. However, keep in mind that you might not have access to all of the necessary equipment. Kits for audio recording and editing of high quality cost a lot. If you decide to write a book without them, you might get an audiobook of poor quality. Nothing is worse than one in which the listener is constantly distracted by background noise! Additionally, a self-published audiobook might not meet retailers’ publishing requirements. So why take a chance?

Yes. The file upload size, constant bit rate (CBR), number of minutes per file, decibel levels, and other requirements vary by platform. An audiobook that meets all of these technical requirements will be provided to you by our skilled teams.

A writer’s resentment for their work is not uncommon. Whether you think publishing your final draft was a good idea depends on how you feel about it. Rework your work as many times as necessary until you are satisfied with it if you don’t like it. Then read each chapter again, this time with new eyes and an open mind.


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