How do you write a good murder mystery novel script?

The novel script though it may seem daunting, writing a murder mystery is doable if you adhere to some fundamental guidelines. Timeless formulas exist for a reason – they WORK. This particular genre continues to grow in popularity with no end in sight. Though not accessible, taking the time to write a good murder mystery […]

How to Write an Audiobook Script and Where to Publish it

Audiobook scripts are increasing in popularity as people realize they can listen to them while doing other tasks, such as cooking or commuting. Audiobook scripts are a more flexible format than ever before, allowing for a new degree of convenience that wasn’t previously available. Technology has drastically changed how audiobooks are consumed. We no longer […]

Do not compile all of your knowledge into one e-book

Do you want to learn how to produce an ebook idea like a professional? It’s not simply what you do that matters; it’s also what you avoid doing. Admit it. you’ve considered writing an ebook. You’ve already visualized the front cover, haven’t you? Below your name is visible in the main title. And when you think of […]

What is an ISBN number and how to get one?

Many authors believe that getting an ISBN Number for a self-publish book is challenging, but it’s relatively easy! So, if you want to print and self-publish your book, the best decision you can make is to get your ISBN. Whether self-published or not, every printed book needs an ISBN, and obtaining this number is a significant stage […]

Introverted vs. Extroverted Writers: How Do They See the World?

Regarding writing, there are two main types of writers: introverts and extroverts. Each class has unique strengths and weaknesses and sees the world differently. As a result, ghostwriters approach writing in different ways. Extroverted writers are often described as being “outgoing.” They tend to be very expressive and enjoy talking about their ideas. They’re better at networking […]

6 Things to Include on the Back Cover of Your Book

The book cover design of a book is an important marketing tool that may assist persuade a potential buyer to purchase your book. Published authors producing a carefully worded blurb for designing your book’s back cover can pique enough interest to get the customer to press the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Continue reading to learn how to write outstanding back cover […]

What’s the Difference Between Proofreading and Editing? Which Do You Need?

When a writer takes a deep breath of air after completing their book, it’s a sign that battle is imminent. It’s that time you approach to end the argument once and for all. Let’s look at the difference between Proofreading and Editing, as well as all of the unanswered questions surrounding this topic. Proofreading vs. […]

How to Write A Book Series for Greater Financial Success

If you want to make more money, writing and publishing books could be a great strategy. It’s an established fact that authors can earn a lot more money through book royalties than they can with almost any other form of writing. In this blog post, we will discuss the process to write a book, as well […]